Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's Coming Along!

I'm so happy! It's coming along and coming together, MOSTLY like I would like. You see, I don't often get as far as this. I usually mess up WAY before this. :-) So, I need to work on my sewing in ends and I REALLY need to figure out how to climb out of rows. It obviously needs blocking and it's only 4 rows out of (hopefully) 14, but here's what I have so far!
Rounds 1 and 2 completed. If you scroll down (or back), you'll see I've gotten this far before. This was as far as I've ever gotten.
Just a little closer.
Row 3, completed! Had to start this one with a chain, never done that before. :-) Gotta work on sewing in my ends though.
Row 4, done! Ya!!! It will REALLY need blocking, badly, I have some wonky parts that didn't turn right, but this is a work in progress, something to stretch me. Can't wait to get more done!


  1. It's looking great! I find that I'm happier if I sew my ends in on rings rather than chains. It looks neater to me, but I may be doing something wrong!

    1. I doubt it, your work always looks amazing! I guess practice should improve my technique, as well as good advise from seasoned tatters such as yourself. :-)